Rise of H2HE: P2E Exposed as Soft-Rug Model in Gaming Investments


"Play-to-earn" (P2E) is being exposed as a soft-rug model, favoring the new "Head-to-Head Earn" (H2HE) gaming products as the go-to for retail investors

In P2E products across all blockchains in cryptocurrency, attractive graphics, and exciting promo videos are featured as investment options, but investors are blinded by "shiny object syndrome".

When you break down games such as SolChicks, which raised nearly $100,000,000 USD, 38% of their funding went toward free rewards entering the market, diluting the multi-tiered Ponzi-Scheme that dumped on retail investors. Their Private Seed sale was at a lower cost than their Private Pre-Sale, even lower than their Public Sale. They also sold tens of millions in NFTs. 20% of the supply was allocated to the team, and 15% to game development costs, meaning that 73% of the SOLCHICK supply were free tokens for the team and non-investors compared to only 4% of the supply sold to retail investors.

Image source SolChicks whitepaper

To put this economic stress test in perspective, a raise of $100,000,000, would allocate $73 million to be sold WITHOUT purchase, immediately reducing the 400m tokens sold to the public into worthlessness.

$4,000,000 would immediately evaporate if just 2% of that supply were given as rewards, liquidating all of their investors.

This is exactly what happened.

Image source COinMarketCap

In BNBBALL, you get the opposite effect with the H2HE model

BNBBALL has a 100,000,000 supply, a $1,000,000 raise at 0.08. The 10% token tax is utilized to reduce the circulating supply from the PancakeSwap market and resell those tokens on CEX for market value or higher.

  • Buy/Sell Occurs for 10,000 BNBB tokens.
  • 1000 Tokens are paid in TAX at (example 0.08).
  • 1000 Tokens are resold on CEX at or above 0.08.
  • Buy orders are created on CEX with that $80.
Image source BNBBALL Game

The Head-To-Head Earn model does not provide off-market supply as a reward

It simply has two or more willing participants enter BNBB tokens into a smart contract, and the winner is given the full reward.

  • Buy/Sell Occurs for $100 x 30 players = $3000 buys at (example 0.08).
  • 37,500 tokens (example) have 3700 tokens taxed and sold on CEX for or above market value.
  • Players play their League, and the winner has disbursed 37,500 tokens at market value.
  • The winning player may sell tokens, resulting in 3700 tokens being sold on CEX for at or above market value.

You see, the price increase will directly add liquidity to the CEX, resulting in an upward trend in price

When supply is unavailable, new supply will be purchased for at or above market value on the CEX.

If you couple this H2HE gaming product with an NFT Marketplace, Raffle Marketplace, and Marketplace Launchpad, you can quickly see this revenue model is far more sustainable than a P2E rug-pull model without revenue, profitability, or supply being purchased at or above market value.


BNBBALL is going to utilize ALL supply sales in this at or above-market value method, creating a long-term, liquid, and successful token with constant growth

The more BNBBALL products are used, the more BNBB circulates, and the outcome is that BNBBALL grows in price and utility by gaining the trust of every investor.

Image source Ballfactory Launchpad

BNBBALL will IDO on Enjinstarter, Spores, Kingdom Starter, Gagarin, TrustFi, Paragen, BSCLaunch, and Zelwin. The CEX listings on launch will be Ascendex, Probit, and BitMart.

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